MobiFone Plus Services Joint Stock Company (MOBIFONE PLUS) has established by MobiFone Corporation on 13th April 2012, with a vision to become the leading value-added services company in Vietnam, effectively integrate into the international market by the provision of leading utility services. We always strive provide to our customers with innovative services for a better life.



    MobiFone Plus always diversifies technology products: telephones, network equipment and accessories… , all products are nationwide distributed and genuine imported from the famous brands.






    Ostore is a content provider portal some developed by MobifonePlus, with the goal of providing product developers to consumers





  • Bibabibo

    Bibabibo is a service providing information about healthcare for pregnant women and mothers who are nursing their children.





  • Mobifilm

    MobiFilm – online movie services, especially the super-sharp HD video repository via mobile devices: smartphone, tablet, … service is free of charge data access via 3G / GPRS.
























With the strong support from the MOBIFONE on financial and human resources, MOBIFONE PLUS has been completing the plan laid out under the direction of MOBIFONE. MOBIFONE PLUS specializes in doing Value Added Services (VAS), supplying terminal equipments, distributing telecom services, and providing services of VAS technical systems operation…

Service / Product

MobifonePlus is one of the most Content Provider and Service Provider in Viet Nam.

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Provides partners with the ability to content provide , value-added solutions and services to subscribers on the mobile network information

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MobiFone Plus cooperates with the reliable partners who are the best network companies in Viet Nam, such as: MobiFone, Vinaphone, Viettel, Viet Nam Mobile… The cooperation between the leading content provider and the big brandname make the reliable and the diversification in operations of MobiFone Plus.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is not only to promote effective services but also as a media to help you grow your brand in the best way and most economical.

Similar to the Internet, mobile environment full convergence conditions for an advertising message via mobile can spread with lightning speed. As a result, businesses can attract new customers without spending any extra expenses which.


MobiFone Plus always diversify technology products: mobile phones, landline phones, network equipment … and items of parts and components attached. Plus MobiFone committed all products distributed nationally are imported, original assembled of popular brands domestic and international.


MOBIFONEPLUS , a member of MobiFone, is the leading provider of VAS in Vietnam. Choosing MOBIFONEPLUS , you will enjoy a professional & stable working environment, attend technical trainings, and have a good working policy & career opportunities. We are looking for candidates with standards as follows: (1) enthusiasm, (2) high responsibility and professionalism, (3) strong commitment, (4) pressure resistance and (5) go on domestic and overseas business trips frequently.



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MobiFone Plus strives to bring to users the utility and innovative value-added service for a better life, change their lifestyle and conceptions of value added for Vietnamese.


Hồ Chí Minh City

MM18, Trường Sơn Street, Ward 15, District 10, HCM

Tel: +84 93 295 3939

Email: info@mobifoneplus.com.vn

Web: www.mobifoneplus.com.vn




Đà Nẵng City

3rd floor , Mobifone Telecommunication Center No 3, An Đồn, Ward An Hải Bắc, District Sơn Trà, Đà Nẵng City

Tel: +84 93 285 8555




Hà Nội City

VP1, Yên Hòa, Cầu Giấy District, HN

Tel: +84 90 777 7939